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 After-sale Service 


Derthon OPV Co LTD to provide customers with professional after-sales service


  Introduction to usage: introduction of product usage and precautions


  Use effect tracking: tracking the use effect of some special products for continuous targeted product optimization


   Professional technology seminar: communicate with customer R & D personnel on product production process to meet personalized needs


 Delivery time

 We promise to deliver the goods within 24 hours, place the order before 17:30 on the same day and deliver the goods the next day after 17:30.
 If it is necessary to arrange an extended delivery time due to the special needs of the experimental progress, the specific extension time can be communicated with the sales personnel;

 It is suggested that you should not extend the time too long to avoid the inconvenience caused by insufficient inventory.


 Express delivery orders

 Please be careful to open the package to avoid sharp objects damaging the goods in the package;

 Check carefully when signing: quantity of goods, delivery list, invoice (if any), etc;

 If the package is damaged, the goods are wrong, the goods are less delivered, and the goods have quality problems

 You can call Derthon customer service hotline 86-0755-26718755 or contact your exclusive customer service personnel to apply for return / replacement.



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